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About Us

Hello! (You might have clicked on the website link expecting to get some Great Offers which are probably not available anywhere, If Yes, Then you are at the Right Place that’s why we created this “Sales and Deals” website).

Here, You will find Best Deal’s on MakeUp, Grooming Products, Special Deals on Hobbies and Activities like Gardening, Cooking and many different types of activites.

A unique website, Naah! Not Exactly very Unique, Still looking to make some difference. Here we would be concentrating Only on Sales, Great Deals, 365 Days a Year.

Don’t you think that’s a Good Enough Reason, to visit this website every day.

So, It’s great to have you here, Welcome!

Party Wear has a fantastic list of the finest, top-notch and bestselling items from Designer Gowns to Beautiful Handbags to Shoe’s it’s for all the lovely Indian Girls and some different stuff for Handsome Men who don’t want to take a lot of time figuring out what to get and from where to get it.

Some of the items featured on this website, you might have never heard about. Also some of them you might not even be aware that it’s available in the Indian Market. The rates are the best, since we always concentrate on offering you the best and newest products at discounted rates. That’s the difference we are creating in the market which is filled with sellers selling similar stuff but at a higher price.

Our Love started in March 2012, and we got married of Troika Tech Services, Mumbai in May 2012.

This is our dream for the women of India to get dressed in the best from around the globe. Our Staff focuses on all things realted to offers but only that will make a huge difference to your life.

Every single thing that you find on this websites deserves to be here, and we don’t focus on offering you with anything but the items we love.

Consider them advertisements for everyday items, to buy some excellent stuff quickly and to get on with your life. The things we create here will make your shopping experience fantastic and more convenient through our website and partner advertisement’s website like Amazon.

The selections we make right here with our company takes week’s or even several months, There’s lots of analysis and screening, consultation and information gathering from the greatest articles and customer from every part of India whether its Kashmir, Nagpur or Shillong, as well as the help of Designers, Experts and Professionals.

Almost all of the products we select right here are top-of-the-line designs that are filled up with features; We pick fantastic things which are latest in fashion, top selling and very easy on the pocket at the same time, because this is typically where your needs and the ideal rates meet each other.

These are the same things we would advise our own family members and good friends, and these kinds of products we would pick for our own selves.

May this be one of the Best Shopping Experiences ever? Do share your valuable feedback!


Team Sales and Deals and Team Troika

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