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Privacy Policy

Compared to lots of other online sites, Our Team takes your privacy very very seriously. We mean it very seriously.

Sales and Deals owned and operated by Troika Tech Services, does not and will not ever distribute your contact information with anybody for any good reason. No “3rd parties,” no “associates” absolutely no one. Count on me when I say that I hate junk email and other unsolicited email messages as much as you do!


We make use of a cookie to identify if you are a new site visitor to the site so we can offer a pop-up subscription form. The cookie information might be used for retargeting advertising.

Mailing List

When you sign up to our subscriber list, we collect your contact details. This information is used particularly to customize your experience and to send you the right web content at the best time and for no other reason.

You may opt out of the e-newsletter at any moment simply by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email message. One click, no questions asked. Done, Done and Done. We won’t even be annoyed, maybe a little bit to be honest. But that’s about it.

If you have any inquiries, queries or any other question which we haven’t answered or you feel we should answer at all, feel free to email us anytime on

Yours Always,

Team Troika

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